Hand Dominance Can Be Seen during Pregnancy 4D Ultrasound.

  • July 3, 2014



Doctors routinely recommend ultrasound studies to confirm the health of the developing fetus. With significant advances in technology, 3D and 4D ultrasound is one such option that may provide you with a very exciting insight into the development of your child. With the latest 3D ultrasound equipment, it is possible to capture a “movie” of your developing infant in less time and, less exposure, than it used to take to capture a single image on the older machines.

While you may believe that the movements of your developing fetus are impulsive and accidental, there are many physicians who believe that the fetus can often make intentional and significant motions as early as the beginning of the third trimester. Grasping reflexes have been noted, as have intentional hand to mouth movements which these doctors believe are the early establishment of self-soothing reflexes such as thumb sucking. What is even more interesting, is that many doctors believe you may be able to determine if your child is right-handed or left handed based upon these hand-to-mouth coordinated movements in the womb.

With 3D ultrasound and 4D ultrasound technology, it is possible to see these movements in real time.   Not all pregnant women are required to have 3D ultrasound for medical purposes, but it is not uncommon at all for mothers-to-be to book private 3D ultrasounds to provide the new parents not only with a sneak peek at their child before he or she is born, but also to obtain some key pieces of information about your child’s movement tendencies and physical traits before birth. There is no guarantee the findings will determine your child’s hand domination after birth, however, it can provide early insight to your child’s coordination, level of activity, and intentioned movement before birth occurs.

Ultrasound in 4D provides a unique insight into your infant’s development and a bonding experience between you and your baby.