Wee Peek MOBILE Prenatal 3D/4D Ultrasound

   In Home Ultrasound Packages Prices

  For  Vancouver and Remote Cities In B.C and Yukon

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      Wee Peek Beat 

      Record Baby’s heartbeat on tiny heart

In home $50/ with Heartbeat Animal $70 perfect gift for siblings and grandparents

     Wee Peek Debut

  • 20 mins. 2D/3D  in home ultrasound experience

  • Gender assessment (optional)
  • Listen to heartbeat
  • 2x 3D 4×6 photos
  • $90

       Wee Peek Glimpse

  • 30 min 2 D/3D/4D   in home ultrasound experience

  • Gender assessment (if desired)
  • Listen to baby’s heartbeat
  • 2x 2D 4×6 photos
  • 3x 3D 4×6 photos
  • $160.00


 Wee Peek A Boo

  • 40 min 2D/3D 4D in home ultrasound experience

  • Gender assessment (if desired) no extra charge.
  • Listen to baby’s heartbeat
  • USB of pictures of session
  • 2 x 2D 4×6 photos
  • 4 x 3D 4×6 photos (good for grandparents to be)
  • $245.00  


Ultimate Wee Peek Package

  • Two 30 min in home ultrasound experiences

  • The first session anytime after 19 weeks
  • The second session after 27 weeks
  • USB of session of session
  • 2x 2D 4X6 photo
  • 3x 3D 4X6 photos
  • $299.00


 Many of our clients benefit from our service as we are able to accommodate around work schedules, so both partners can meet their tiny miracle. We would be happy to a customize a package for you as well.

 Let us know what you would like.

  It is not always possible to establish your baby’s gender with certainty. The position of your baby as well as other factors may hinder the ultrasounds view of this area of the baby.


Add Ons

Additional 3D photo print – $3.00 Additional flash USB – $20.00

Heartbeat Bear, Lamb or Monkey – $35.00 buy two for $60 (with your baby’s recorded heartbeat)

If you have an expectant friend or relative, and want to combine your imaging, we will provide a $50.00 discount on any package 30 min and up. Must be booked in advance. Gift Certificates Available. We would be happy  to send a gift certificate for you on your behalf either by e mail or regular mail.

·         3D/4D keepsake imaging is non-diagnostic and is only used as a keepsake image. It captures images of your baby during the pregnancy in 3D. It should never replace the the routine ultrasound that is provided to you by your health care provider.

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